Rian J-1 proudly has a presence on the island of Ireland, allowing the Rian Immigrant Center to work closely with our Irish community. We engage with our Irish civic & business partners, Irish Universities, students & graduates, and of course our visa program Alumni.  Our Director of Learning Exchange Programs, Jude Clarke, is based in County Antrim and represents Rian by meeting with many of these groups.   

This work in Ireland greatly supports our J-1 visa programs by hosting regular meetings with Irish universities, including careers staff who advise students and graduates on post-study options, assist students with 3rd year international placements or 1st year group exchanges programs. Our ability to attend Career and Graduate Recruitment Fairs gives Rian a local voice to inform students and graduates of the exciting opportunities offered by Rian’s 12 month J-1 visa programs. 

Rian J-1 in Ireland offers class presentations to student groups, individual meetings and calls to discuss the visa program opportunities- all with the added benefit of being in the same time zone! Furthermore, our presence enables students a smooth transition through establishing relationships with Rian staff prior to traveling to the U.S. Students and graduates receive support with their applications, pre-departure details, and subsequent visa programs.  

The close working relationships developed through our Irish base go a long way to helping deliver our distinguished, personally tailored J-1 Learning Exchange Program experiences.      

Jude is available to visit your University, to meet with Careers Advisors / Placement Officers or to deliver a class presentation on our year long   J-1 Visa programs.    

Contact details:

P: +44-07874003325 

E: jclarke@riancenter.org