Step 5: Final Details<span class="timeline-express-tax-container timeline"> <span class="pre-text">Timelines: </span>J-1 Intern Steps </span>

At this time, you will make your Program Management Payment (PMP), provide the evidence of your Health Insurance coverage, and submit your DS-7002. The DS-7002 is to be completed after you have your internship set. It is a form that outlines the details of your internship, i.e. employer and supervisor information, and your duties as an intern. The EV drafts the DS-7002 on their own, then submits it to the Rian team for review. Once approved the DS-7002 is emailed to your supervisor who signs it and returns it to us.

Once we have these final details from you, we issue your DS-2019 and mail it to you with your finalized DS-7002. The DS-2019 is one of the forms an EV will take with them to the embassy. It is completed by the visa sponsor (Rian). Once it has been issued and sent via mail to the EV, the EV then can schedule their embassy interview