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The J-1 Graduate (official name Irish Work and Travel) visa program is a wonderful opportunity to live and work in the U.S. for a year in a placement related to your field of study.  At the Rian Immigrant Center (formerly known as the Irish International Immigrant Center or IIIC), we have helped over 3,000 Irish students and graduates start their careers through our program. Come on the visa program with Rian J-1 and we will support you throughout the entire process, including assisting you as you seek a suitable paid placement in your area of study.

2021 J-1 Grad Visa Program – Register here


2021-2022 J-1 Grad Visa Program - Registration

  • Please give the full name of your university, followed by the type of degree.
  • Please give the date listed on your scroll or an estimate of when you expect that date to be