J-1 Irish Work & Travel Steps

If you are applying for the J-1 Irish Work & Travel (IWT) visa, you are applying without an internship placement lined up. Here are the application steps!

Step 1: Register your Interest

You will register your interest for the J-1 visa at rianj1.org. We will send you important information to help you prepare for the program! See Below.  

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Step 2: Application Preparation

Send the following to us: a. employer research spreadsheet. b. U.S. style Resume & draft cover letter. c. Linkedin profile (must connect with J-1 Network). d. Networking plan. e. Copy of your passport photo page. f. University letter / Degree scroll copy. After review, we will notify you if we can process an application from you.    

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Step 3: Application Processing

You will: a) Complete a contact form. b) Sign the 120 day / intern agreement form. c) Accept the terms and conditions. d) Make your Application Processing Payment (APP)  

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Step 4: Sponsor meeting

You will virtually meet with a Rian J-1 staff member to discuss your visa program. This is a great opportunity to bring any questions you have regarding the visa process!

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Step 5: Program Management Payment &Provide Health Insurance

You make your Program Management Payment (PMP) & provide your Health Insurance coverage. Once this is approved, we will issue your DS-2019 and post it to you. You will then book and attend your Embassy Interview for your visa!

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Step 6: Pre-departure activity

You will be: a) adding to your employer research b)connecting with employers including arranging meet-ups for just after you arrive in the U.S. c) developing your networks d) Travel to the U.S!   

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