Program Costs

J-1 Visa Payments and Cancellation Policy

These terms and conditions outline the sponsorship fees and refund policy for the Rian Immigrant Center’s J-1 Irish Work & Travel visa and the J-1 Intern visa. The total sponsorship fee for Rian’s J-1 Visa program is $1,150 and and the payment schedule includes two payments:


 Payment 1: Application Processing Payment (APP) – $400  

This payment covers costs for the application processing stage.  This fee includes the initial support, application review, preparation of the DS-2019 and the submission of the application. Rian will assist the applicant prepare for the interview with the US Department of State. 

This payment  does not constitute a successful application. The payment only enables the applicant to submit their application to the US Department of State.  The US Department of State determines eligibility and approval, or denial of the application.   

This APP payment to Rian is non-refundable, even if the application is unsuccessful.

 Payment 2: Program Management Payment (PMP)- $750 

This payment is made after Rian accepts the applicant. It includes Rian’s program support throughout the entire duration of the visa program. It includes the maintenance of applicant’s SEVIS records to ensure the applicant remains in full compliance with the US Department of State regulations.  Rian will issue and mail the DS-2019 certificate. 

If the applicant is refused a visa at the Embassy/Consulate, or withdraws from the program before travel to the U.S, this payment will be refunded, minus the transaction fee of $30. The fee is not refundable after the applicant lands in the US and commences their program.

 In addition to our ($1150) sponsorship fee, you should expect to also pay: 

  • $185 fee to the US Dublin Embassy to Belfast Consulate (appointment fee) for your DS-160. (Nonrefundable payment)
  • $220 SEVIS fee to the US Department of Homeland Security for your I-901 fee. (Non-refundable payment)

Please note: you are responsible for booking your flights and purchasing your own health insurance. Flights and health insurance costs will vary. Rian’s fees do not include the DS-160 fee, the embassy fees, the SEVIS fee and costs of travel, insurance or living expenses.