J-1 Ambassador

Ambassador Program Information for Rian J-1s

The Rian J-1 Ambassador program provides current Rian J-1 graduate Exchange Visitors the chance to take on a voluntary leadership role during their time in the U.S. The Rian J-1 Ambassadors will have a platform to share the impact of their experiences in the United States during their visa period. It also provides an opportunity to connect with prospective J-1s as alumni of the Rian J-1 Graduate visa program. 

The LEP team will use the materials generated from this program for our communication channels to share the benefits of the J-1 Graduate visas.

Signing on to the Rian J-1 Ambassador program is a year-long commitment, during your visa program, with the hope you will remain in touch after returning home. As an ambassador, you will be expected to engage with Rian J-1 in different ways. For example you may:

  • Send Nora 2-3 photos from your visa experience, every quarter (3 months) 
  • Once during your visa period, participate in an interview for an article and to share your experience
  • Complete an alumni task: attend an alumni event in Ireland, make an alumni testimonial video, any creative suggestions you provide to the Rian team, Etc. , 
  • During your time in the U.S., speak at a Rian J-1 event
  • Create a video: answering FAQs about the visa program, a ‘Day in the Life’, etc.
  • Instagram story takeover
  • Q&A

Rian J-1 Ambassadors are required to complete five tasks by the end of their visa period. 

Benefits for J-1s 

  • Adding ‘Cultural Exchange Ambassador’ title to your resume
  • Rian J-1 merch
  • LinkedIn endorsement/badge
  • Leadership opportunity
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Ambassador community meetings/check-in
    • A time every month/2 months/etc. for community, for the ambassadors to meet and chat about settling in, the internship search, etc.

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