For a lot of you this is your first time pursuing a visa to the US, so you’re bound to have questions. If you’re worried about what the visa process will entail, here’s a few of the most common questions we receive during the application process and when people arrive in the US.


🔼 How long does the application process take?

Our application process generally took about 5-6 weeks to complete.  Please note this is an estimate as delays can occur such as extended wait times, COVID-19 restrictions, administrative processing, etc.  You should plan on starting an application at least 2 months prior to when you hope to travel to the US.

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🔼 What does the Rian Immigrant Center do for me in regards to me obtaining a visa?

In order to apply for the graduate visa, you need a visa sponsor.  Rian is a designated visa sponsor with over 10 years of experience. We assist you step by step through the application process, we process and issue your application documents needed to apply for the visa, and we help you to have an amazing experience in the US!  Along the way, you learn about what you can and cannot do while on your visa.

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🔼 Where do I apply for the visa?

After finalizing your application with us, you must go to a US Embassy/Consulate in order to obtain the visa. We will issue your DS-2019 form and send it to you in the post and get your prepped for potential questions you may be asked during your interview. You’ll be responsible for booking your own Embassy interview.

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🔼 How long is the visa for?

This visa is for 12 months only and DOESN’T have an option to be renewed/extended. However, this visa does come with two, 30 day grace periods that will allow you to spend an extra 2 months in the US where you can focus on traveling around the country. The purpose of the visa is to come and gain international experience in the US that you can bring back to Ireland once your visa ends.

**This visa should not be seen as a way to seek long term residency within the United States.**

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🔼 Can I travel while I am applying for my J-1 visa?

We do not recommend travelling to the U.S. while you are applying for the J-1 visa. If you have been in the U.S. during your application process, we advise you to wait 30 days from when you returned to Ireland before you have your embassy interview. During your Embassy interview, you have to show binding ties to your home country, and frequent trips to the US, isn’t always seen in a positive light.

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🔼 What sort of internship can I get on the visa and do I need to have an internship before I come to the US?

Your internship must be paid, full-time (min 32 hours per week), and it must be directly related to your study, i.e. it will build upon what you studied at University.

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🔼 Is there a time limit that I’ll have for finding an internship by?

Yes, from the official start date of your visa, you will get no more than 90 days to find an internship. It sometimes can take the full 90 days to find something, so again the key is start your internship search early!

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🔼 I have an internship lined up. So why do I need to provide a Resume, Linkedin Profile and a plan for networking?

You still need to provide the Resume, set up a Linkedin Profile, and have a plan for networking. That is because the visa program is about more than simply working in an internship / job, it is also about learning important skills such as networking, making employer contacts, etc. Sometimes some visa holders leave a role and these items are then very important in times of need.