J-1 Intern Steps

Generally, this process takes about two to three months and must be completed before you arrive in the US. Keep this in mind as you consider when you might want to come to the States so you can plan ahead.

If you are applying for a J-1 Intern visa – meaning you are coming to the U.S with a placement already lined up and approved, here are the application steps!

Step 1: Register Your Interest

Register your interest online at rianj1.org. If eligible we will send you important information to help you prepare for the program. See below.

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Step 2: Application Preparation

Send us the following to us: a) role description from your employer, b) copy of your passport photo page, c) University letter / Degree scroll copy, d) Linkedin Profile (must connect with J-1 Network). After review – we will notify you if we can accept the internship and process an application from you.

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Step 3: Application Processing and DS-7002

Do the following: a) Complete a contact information form b) Sign the intern agreement form c) Accept the payments terms and conditions d) Make your Application Processing Payment (APP) e) Provide a draft DS-7002 for approval. The DS-7002 is to be completed after you have your internship set. It is a form that outlines the details of your internship, i.e. employer and supervisor information, and your…

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Step 4: Sponsor Virtual Meeting

You will meet virtually with Rian J-1 staff to discuss your visa program. This is a great time to ask questions!

Step 5: Final Payments & DS-2019

At this time, you will make your Program Management Payment (PMP) and provide the evidence of your Health Insurance coverage. We issue your DS-2019 and mail it to you with your finalized DS-7002. The DS-2019 is one of the forms an EV will take with them to the embassy. It is completed by the visa sponsor (Rian). Once it has been issued and sent via mail to the EV, the EV then can schedule their embassy interview

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Step 6: Embassy Interview

After you schedule your Embassy visit, you will attend the interview. After, you will receive your visa to travel to the U.S!

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