Cover Letter, Resume and LinkedIn Resources

When carrying out your research (and subsequent outreach) to employers you need to present yourself as professionally as possible.  Two ways of doing this are: 1) having a strong LinkedIn profile, and 2) having a well prepared resume and cover letter

There are big differences between your LinkedIn profile and your resume and to be successful in reaching and impressing employers you must have both in good order.  These differences include the following:

  • Linkedin speaks to all potential employers, a resume speaks to just a single one
  • Linkedin goes into more detail with skills, projects, interests, certifications, and more information
  • Linkedin contains recommendations and endorsements
  • Linkedin allows other professionals and employers to interact, learn about your background, and contact you

We have provided the following resources to support you in creating your Linkedin profile as well as building a strong resume:

Top J-1 feedback tip – when searching on Linkedin input terms such as “Ireland” “NUIG” / “UCD” (i.e. your University), “Science” (your area of study) and “NYC” (your city). A previous J-1 graduate in New York reported that this helped her connect with many potential employers, and led to her finding a great paid Internship!

When applying for Rian J-1’s Graduate visa program you will be expected to have a well prepared Linkedin Profile and a professional resume.