For Graduates

The internship search is one of the most important aspects of the J-1 visa experience and it can ensure you have a fantastic year in the United States. It is the responsibility of the J-1 applicant to find a suitable paid internship in your area of study. We have added resources on this website to help you with the J-1 visa process. Please be proactive in reviewing them and taking the necessary preparatory action before applying for the visa.

When you apply we will expect you to be prepared and have the following in place:

  • Evidence of extensive employer research
  • A full Linkedin profile set
  • A U.S. style one page Resume prepared
  • A plan for networking
  • Irish passport which runs until at least 6 months beyond the expected end date of your visa (e.g. if your visa starts on 1st Aug 2022 then the passport must run to/past Feb 2024. This includes the 30 day grace periods).

Applications received where the above items are not well prepared will not be accepted. Therefore it is important you are proactive.

We want you to succeed and have a great visa program where you will gain valuable experience in your field of study and enjoy the experiences of living & working abroad. Being prepared for the internship search will make an enormous difference in your overall visa experience and ultimately it will lead to a good, well paid placement in your area of study, and a great foundation for your career.

If you already have a paid work placement lined up with a U.S. employer please let us know in your application.

Important notice – on the J-1 visa program the use of recruitment agencies is not permitted.  Any roles secured through the use of a recruitment agency cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Currently the rules state that a J1 Exchange Visitor must work at least 2 days per week in the office site location.